What if we were all mourning?

Mourning is never easy. Read When one day turn into a nightmare. The loss of a loved one, the loss of a pet, an accident, an illness, the loss of autonomy, a status quo, a great upheaval that occurs, is always difficult. The heart is torn. There is a wound. There is distress. There is denial. There are fears, anger, injustice felt. Sometimes there is anxiety, sometimes a lot of tears, then a void, a huge void. A void that seems impossible to fill, neither today, nor ever. It seems that the world can stop turning, whatever. It looks like our benchmarks are gone. It seems like our joys are gone. The depression seems to invade us, heavy as a sad and gray sea.

Then after a long time, with unrivaled slowness, we start breathing again, very gently. Little by little, we emerge from a long sleep that seemed to last all winter. One morning, we see the sun shining in the sky, as if it had never shone before. Quietly, we start to hear the birds chirping and our own children laughing. We wonder where were they. One evening, we allow ourselves to smile while forgetting our pain. Then without our knowledge, we find ourselves laughing. This is the moment when we realize that time begins to act. We end up really waking up. We realize that times have changed. It’s not the same anymore. That it will never be the same again. Then we have to let go. We have to let go, even if it’s difficult. We must make peace. We are comforted to have had the happiness, the luck, the opportunity to live a moment long enough to share it with this spirit or to have known this time, this comforting situation.

Mourning is very different for each of us. Some are recovering quickly while others are still wondering what’s going on … We each have to follow our own pace to heal well. Take the time we need to relearn how to live this new life unlike before. Our emotions guide us and we must let them live fully. Then we have to move on, for our own survival.

What if we were all mourning? Mourning for the life before. Before this pandemic. Before that damn COVID-19. What if the life that will resume afterwards will no longer be the same? It will certainly be different, after all these changes that we are going through day after day. Our hearts will be marked. Our world will be marked. The lives that this virus stole too quickly will leave many scars difficult to heal. Some see their dreams evaporate, so helpless. Others will have to close their doors, with great regret that their ambitions will fly away. This period of mourning is very involuntary. It is unknown to everyone, unprecedented. It is certainly difficult at the moment. But could it bring an opportunity towards a better world, a greener, more respectful, more serene world?

We leave a consumer society, globalization, materialism behind us for a better awareness. To encourage our local producers. To stop uselessly consuming of objects produced at the other end of the planet which costs no more than a bag of candy and which breaks too quickly. To be more aware of our environment, our choices, our priorities, our consumption, our impact. To spend a little more time outdoor, with ourself, with our family, with our children. To take the time to get to know our children, to better appreciate them, listen to them, understand them. To make a small garden, make our own compost, reduce our waste, have our chickens or exchange with our neighbor who has chickens. To live in harmony with our own neighbors. To enrich our community. To build a strong and autonomous country. To allow ourselves to ask questions, to reassess our own values, our own needs. To create new habits, learn to meditate, learn something new, take care of our physical and mental health. Who knows?

One thing is certain, we will enjoy life so much, our friends, family, loved ones, neighbors when we can have dinner together once again…

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