A dizziness that fades slowly …

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your shares. Thank you for your understanding. I felt loved, surrounded, understood following my last blog. Above all, I realized that I’m not alone in having moments of vertigo …

You do not have to go sailing for years to question yourself. To (re) establish priorities, personal and family goals. To question yourself, from the deepest of your inner you, emotionally, physically, psychically … To reorient himself, to adjust, to rise. One of the greatest realization of our journey is that the human being has an enormous capacity of adaptation. It must be, and I should call here my friend biologist to confirm ;), one of the foundations that probably differentiates us from many animal species … Indescribable, intangible, the human evolves according to its environment, whether poor or rich monetarily, whether poor or rich in human values. Sometimes forgetting our own priorities … And very often, we have found that the opposite of the two realities is intercalated. The (more) poor have an overflowing heart, ready to share it’s only meal, while our culture, supposedly rich and evolved, forgets to greet it’s own neighbor … There is something to have a vertigo!

Then again, come our realization to have the opportunity to live our life, in Canada, in our country, a country so safe. Have freedom of expression. Have a house and clothes that keep us warm. Have access to education. To have food and water, abundantly … To have the incredible opportunity to have dreams, and even to have the audacity and luck to be able to realize one … or even some of them! We have the freedom to shape our lives according to our desires, according to our choices, according to our priorities and without worrying about the safety of our children, without a constant and overwhelming fear, without having to constantly scan the dangers that may arise. A little vertigo comes with this observation. In front of this deep realization that I am who I am because I want it. That I can, and I must continue to dream, to dare to go forward. I know there are many factors that shape us, sometimes unexpected and difficult, but there is a lot to do with how we react to our obstacles, to our trials. Our reaction is still our own choice. And our choices really shape our happiness!


Life turns, life goes on, life evolves. Our children grow and evolve themselves. We are constantly changing, even staying at the same place! The choice remains ours to re-establish our new priorities and the means to achieve them, as a friend has differentiated me. We must adapt to our new environment, our new routine, our new goals. We feel as if we had just embarked on a pendulum, and that on the other side, we have dropped a loaded truck. The shock effect is felt for a long time, but the pendulum will come back still, with patience, a lot of patience …

In the meantime, an activity a day (as small as it is) that makes us vibrate personally will allow us to keep this vivacity and this inner flame lit. It’s up to us!

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